We have created Fabula Amphibia implementing innovative technologies to ensure excellent comfort in any weather conditions


Experiencing wild nature once, we are looking forward to another chance
All members that took part in the creation process of Fabula Amphibia cannot imagine their lives without outdoor activities

We have tested products from different hunting and fishing clothing manufacturers
While designing the suit, we made sure to develop a high level of comfort for any outdoor activity

We paid significant attention to the fabric to maximize your health protection in wild nature

Our team attached high standards to every detail to ensure your safety in any weather conditions
Fabula Gear is a team of like-minded people who are passionate about wild nature. We know how valuable every moment of being in a pristine environment is
Fabula Amphibia is a symbiosis of absolute protection and functionality that satisfies all demands of outdoor activities
We managed to combine all the best in tailoring technologies for outdoor activities, hunting, and fishing

This is all about Fabula Amphibia
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